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You need compelling copy that shows you care about your audience's health.

Hey! I’m Zebedee — wellness junkie, science journal enthusiast, and professional health writer. I’m committed to delivering detailed, properly researched and science-backed copy to all my clients. I’ll help you increase your online exposure, connect better with your current website visitors and generate more conversions by providing you with high-quality, original content that’s tailored to your audience and your unique business goals.

I specialize in article/blog writing, editing, copywriting, and email campaign writing for health and wellness brands.

My goal is to tell a great story about something that really matters, stick to the facts, get your visitors to take some form of action and help you avoid losing them to the next big shiny thing they see online.

Consider this...

...Business Blogging Facts & Stats That You Should Not Ignore (As Viewed On Hubspot, Hanley-Wood Business Media, BlogHer)

Percentage of marketers whose blogs see positive ROI for their inbound marketing
Percentage of CMOs who think custom content is the future of marketing
Percentage of U.S. online consumers who trust information and advice from blogs

Brands I've Worked With

P.J.S Dougherty

P.J.S Dougherty

President - Apollo Press, Inc.

Thank you for this, Zebedee... Your pieces are good! I enjoy reading your work. You are a talented writer.

Don Sturgill

Don Sturgill

Content Strategist, Start-Up Writer, Health Writer

You have real potential, Zebedee.

Are you looking for an experienced health communications expert?

I want to hear all about your business, your goals, and how you’d like me to help. Let me know what kind of writing project you have in mind, and I’ll respond within 24 hours.