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Easy Tips to Avoid Failure in Quitting Smoking

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You decided to quit smoking, right? Congratulations!

This is a bold and crucial step towards living a tobacco-free life. Let’s take a moment to understand one or two things about it.

Although the health risks associated with smoking are well-known all over, it is important to understand that cancer and lung problems aren’t the only effects of smoking. Inhaling tobacco can damage other organs and systems in the body.

As humans, resisting bad habits especially those that are addictive can be very hard.

Therefore, quitting can be tough regardless of the age of the smoker. Beyond breaking the powerful physical dependence associated with it, one has to significantly change their lifestyle and habits.

But, hold on! Even with the knowledge that smoking can kill, there are a few more things you need to have at your fingertips.

Be aware of the following

  • As you try to stay away from nicotine, cravings and physical withdrawal symptoms will creep in.
  • Quitting is a personal decision.
  • Whichever plan you use, not everyone will have the same success rate at quitting.
  • Daily routines and habits need to be addressed by the smoker if they want to call it quits.

Now that you are aware, let’s explore an easy and direct strategy.

Come up with a quit plan

Use START formula to stop smoking:

S – Set a specific date on which to stop smoking and give yourself enough time as you prepare for that.

T – Tell your family and friends. They will offer you the right support and encouragement you need.

A – Avoid smoking triggers like smokers and alcohol. The more you stay away from the cigarette, the more the triggers become powerful.

R – Remove tobacco from your home, car, office and other dwellings. You can wash clothes, carpet, furniture and freshen up to remove the smell of the smoke.

T – Talk to your doctor for a prescription of medication, therapy or suggestion of alternatives that can help with withdrawal.

Accept support from your loved ones

It is almost impossible to rely on willpower alone to succeed at quitting.

Sometimes if not all the time, our friends and family give us back up to see us through this difficult journey. They help with a bit of motivation to make life-changing decisions. Therefore, welcome efforts by your family to conquer the habit.

Beat smoking habit today!

As hard as it may sound, it is still possible to overcome smoking, as many have already done. Keep in mind that there is need for a change in one’s behavior as well as healthier ways of mood management to curb addiction.

Having said that, with the will, right mindset and positivity, it’s easier to overcome chronic smoking habits. You are more than willing, so take up the challenge today and join others who have vowed to make an end to this habit.

Do you desire to try this method? Has it already worked for you? Please share your comments.